Specialising in Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain


Peter Scruby Specialising in Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain.I provide professional, effective and caring treatments.

From the comfort of my clinic in central Frome, I offer you:

The Right Treatment

Services from Peter Scruby TherapiesWith over 17 years’ experience as a professional body worker I can draw on elements from all these disciplines to create a powerful fusion which enables me to treat you more successfully. This is why I am confident I can provide the treatment which is just right for you.

I aim to resolve your aches and pains and help you establish a healthy body and mind in order for you to deal more effectively with the demands of every day life.

Corporate Services from Peter Scruby TherapiesWith my treatments I am able to connect with many different conditions such as stress and anxiety, but I specialise in caring for back pain and musculo-skeletal complaints affecting the shoulders, neck, sciatica, lumbago, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and feet.

Though don’t feel you need to have a specific problem, many people come to me just to de-stress and unwind and wanting to feel completely relaxed and revitalized.

I truly believe, especially in these times it is essential to feel relaxed in order for your body and mind to find great health.



“Back problems are the most common form of ill health at work”
Government’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE)


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